Share your primary broadband-internet Connection with other users and staff or link to another site or multiple locations such as a dairy shed, factory or staff houses.

Our customised Wireless Linking solutions permit internet conductivity to either close by or distant locations up to 20kms away without any degradation of speed or quality of service. These days the task of laying cable is not cost effective.

Extending wi-fi coverage within your home, office, factory or around your dairy shed allows the use of portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, scanning equipment at distances often up to 1km from the base unit.

We can provide many solutions with many options with adaptability to the ever-changing technology needs of internet users. Single Master billing of data usage or Controlled Monitoring of individual users’ data/GB monthly usage connected to a localised network preventing usage blowouts or abuse of privileges.

Let us carry out an on-site assessment of your individual needs and allow us to suggest various options to suit your requirements. We can cover the whole project from design to implementation.