I operate a remote office at Four Peaks – about 16 kms west of Geraldine South Canterbury in the foothills of a secluded valley. I also also have a business and staff operating from a building in  Shortland Street,  Auckland.

I am very pleased with the Digital Broadband Internet Service Ezykonect Rural Broadband connection which has been provided to Simon Rutherford Ltd for the last 18 months. Service has never been interrupted even in the worst weather and the internet connections performance is equal to what I enjoy in Auckland.  Consequently I am able to work seamlessly from both offices and enjoy full connectivity at a reasonable monthly cost.

Much better than I had initially thought would be possible. Also visitors/guests are able to enjoy the same level of service via the extended-range Wi Fi system Ezykonect installed at Four Peaks.

The major telcos were not able to deliver any service.

Simon Rutherford