Ezykonect Digital Wireless Broadband Connection Client Application Form

** As part of your application for an account with Ezykonect it is mandatory to supply documentational proof via a separate email. (This allows us to also verify and cross/reference your email address as well as documentation listed in the form below).

You will next need to provide us with a scanned copy of your appropriate documentation;


  • Company Application  – NZBN Number / certificate
  • Personal Application – We need a copy of your Passport or Drivers License


Send the proof as an attachment to  conn.support@ezykonect.co.nz 

(All information with a red * is required)

Application Form

Please proceed down the form filling in as much detail as possible so that we can faster proceed with your application.

You are also required to send us a copy/scan of your NZBN number. This helps us cross-reference your contact email and verification.

You are also required to send us a scan copy of your driver's license or passport via email as outlined above which helps us cross-reference your contact email and verification.

Primary Authority Details

Secondary Authority Details Section

Additional Information

(If you indicated previously that you are a 'Tennant' please add homeowners name and contact phone here)
(If taking over from an existing, intact, Ezykonect Service)

From the Ezykonect Rural Broadband Team


We have unfortunately been victims of  ongoing Chorus Fibre Feed connectivity issues. Ourselves and other end-users on Corporate Enterprise grade connections  have been widely affected including supermarkets South Island wide (see story in ODT)

Despite our continuous logging of faults to our wholesale fibre provider about our issues, these have fallen on deaf ears.

We have gone to a temporary alternative connection as an interim fix.

If you still have problems then all faults / problems MUST be logged with the Helpdesk.

Helpdesk: Phone (03) 684 64 55.