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Country Wireless Broadband

Ezykonect took over the ownership and management in Jan 2018 of Country Wireless who provided solutions in the North Otago area. We believe that our experience in the telecommunications sector will only improve/enhance the service to new and existing Country Wireless customers.


Please use our contact page to get in touch about any questions you may have about the new ownership.

Lower Priced Broadband Plans Imminent

Broadband Internet Solutions throughout South Canterbury & North Otago

  • Ezykonect is a regional ISP (Internet Service Provider) providing Wireless & Broadband Solutions since 2007 with staff who have been active in the telecommunications industry for 30+ years.
No Obligation On-Site Signal Test in our Coverage Areas

"Our Dedicated Digital Wireless (ddw) Broadband Network (Latest Technology) is UFB Fibre fed."

Takeover/Connect To An Intact
Ezykonect Wireless Installation: $1

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Providing Rural Solutions for over 10 years !

Our Digital Wireless Broadband Transmitters which utilise Solar Energy are strategically placed throughout South Canterbury and North Otago to serve country people with the latest, fastest, future-proofed Digital Internet Technology.

Broadband Internet Plans start from just $45 a month.

Internet Plans / VOIP - Phone (including call waiting, caller id, voicemail & NZ National tolls and retain your 685 48 .. number) start from just $76.60 a month.

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You have all read the article in the Herald

"Sporadic landline poses a health and safety risk for Mackenzie District, Canterbury residents"

We have the solution !!

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... need conductivity with the world 24/7, any day.

Eco-friendly Broadband Installation

Our numerous remote solar energy powered sites have proven more reliable than other service providers' mains-powered sites in rain, snow and extreme conditions, a must for rural communities who can still need contact with the rest of the world.


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Photos of our remote rural installations and Ezykonect Digital Wireless Broadband solutions in action click here ....



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Ezykonect Servicing

  • Timaru, South Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, North Otago, and Mackenzie areas plus other South Island areas by arrangement.


Ezykonect offers a number of niche, high-quality, cost-effective broadband-internet services...

Voice & Phone

VOIP technology is a great alternative to traditional copper landline circuits. No more noisy phone calls or interference...

Private-Shared Networks

Our customised Wireless Linking solutions permit internet conductivity to either close by or distant locations...


We excel at optimisation including diagnosis of existing equipment and providing recommendations to customers...

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